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    With the embarrassment of not knowing our immediate relatives, a committee was formed in 1990 to foster closer ties within the family circle. It was then decided that tracing our family roots would be ideal in creating an awareness and a sense of identity amongst family members. So, with the decision of the committee, a delegation consisting of Terence, Michael, Theresa and Kevin set out on an adventurous journey to Malaysia to uncover the lost pieces of the Shepherdson Clan ... a historic journey into the past!


    On Ist May 1990, Michael and Kevin set out to Malacca to gather as much information as possible. Armed with a vague but useful knowledge gained from Perceival's past research, the first team sought to meet distant relatives whom they were hardly acquainted. The result was a discovery of significant links to the Shepherdson families in Malacca.

    Louis Dominic and Aunty Dorothy An interesting character which the team met was Louis Dominic or nicknamed White, a typical British-Eurasian concerned with strict manners and etiquette who spoke with a feigned British accent. The team learned that he was the son of John Maximillian Shepherdson (see picture at bottom of the page), the younger brother of Cuthbert and that the families in Malacca were his descendants.

    Interview with Auntie Gertrude and Auntie Elizabeth A further interview with Elizabeth and Gertrude (also John's children) was conducted with the help of Sylvia and Terence (our immediate cousins who live in Malacca). The information that the team gathered was invaluable as Cuthbert's family members were identified but this was a prelude to what we would soon discover in Kuala Lumpur - the pair was able to confirm that Cuthbert's cousin, Nicholas, was still alive! He would have been almost a century old!

    On 9 May 1990, a complete and enthusiastic delegation together with STELLAR (Mike's multi-purpose car!), braved the Malaysian roads. Their destination? Kuala Lumpur! The delegation was confident that Uncle Nick would help unlock much of the forgotten past.

    John Maximillian and his wife, Victoria

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